At Vedder Dental Clinic, we see patients of all ages and are always happy to start our young patients on the road to a lifetime of optimal dental health.

As a parent, you are always trying to do what is best for your child and in today’s world of unlimited online information it is sometimes hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

Below is a list of some commonly asked questions by parents in our office.

1)     A child should see a dentist by age 1


-The earlier the dental visit, the better chance of preventing dental problems

-Children with healthy teeth chew food easily and smile with confidence


2)     Is juice is better than pop for teeth?


-For teeth, juice is NO better than pop

-Unsweetened juice is a more nutritious choice but it has almost the same amount of sugar as pop!

-After 9 months, if you give juice, limit to ½ cup per day and water it down.


3)     Breastfed babies are held when feeding, bottle feeding babies should be held too?


-Holding your baby while feeding is necessary physical and brain development time for baby- and is important for baby’s healthy mouth too!

-Leaving a baby to bottle feed alone is known to cause rotten teeth and gums because constant and slow sipping keeps sugars in the mouth that make bacteria.

-Children who are bottle-fed and who swallow milk while lying down (propping a bottle or putting baby to bed with a bottle) can also get ear infections.


4)     If some toothpaste is good, then more must be better?


-Children under 4 swallow almost half of the toothpaste they use.

-Swallowing too much toothpaste can lead to discoloured adult teeth (called fluorosis).

-The amount of toothpaste to use is the size of a grain of rice from birth until age then and after that the size of a green pea


5)     Parents can check their child’s tth for signs of decay?


-As soon as your baby’s first tooth comes in, check at least once a month for tooth decay.

-Lift their top and bottom lip and look for while lines along the gums of the front teeth and brown or decayed spots on teeth.


6)     At 8 years old a child should start brushing on their own?


-From birth to age 8 an adult should help a child with brushing.

-At age 8, the child is able to brush properly (they can reach those hard to clean areas).


We hope this has cleared up some of the misinformation or questions you may have had regarding your child’s dental health.

We, Dentist in Chilliwack, are accepting new patients of all ages so contact the office regarding an appointment today.

Message from Vedder Dental Clinic, Dentist in Chilliwack

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