Meet Dentists in Chilliwack, Dr. Edmund Liem, Dr. Miriam Liem and Dr. Zeno Park

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. It is important to take care of your teeth at an early age and finding the right dentist, no matter how old you are, is often a challenge. Meet the Dentists and Staffs at Vedder Dental Clinic here in Chilliwack. They are proud and honoured to serve you and help you improve your dental health with the highest quality dentistry possible.

The approachable and professional staff at Vedder Dental Clinic are dedicated to providing you with quality dental care and exceptional service. The office is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, computers, and computerized electro-diagnostic instruments operated by trained and knowledgeable staff who always have your dental health, comfort and satisfaction in mind. Their goal is to deliver professional dental healthcare in a friendly and family oriented practice.

Vedder Dental Clinic is not just another dentist office. The moment you walk through the doors you are greeted warmly by the reception team. A business is more than just a business when some of the staff have been there more than two decades. It begins to feel like family.

As a matter of fact, two of the three dentists, Dr. Miriam Liem and Dr. Edmund Liem, are brother and sister. Their brother Peter first opened the practice back in the 1980′s and he relocated to Vancouver Island in 1996. Siblings Dr. Miriam Liem and Dr. Edmund Liem have worked together at the Vedder Dental Clinic for the past twenty years and happily call the Fraser Valley home.

Peter’s sister, Dr. Miriam Liem, came here Vedder Dental Clinic and is known for having a gentle touch with all her patients but especially the young and elderly. Peter’s brother, Dr. Edmund Liem, joined the practice and is practicing in braces and TMJ-Sleep treatment for patients of all ages while Dr. Zeno Park, who practices in advanced Cosmetic, Implant, and General Dentistry.

To encourage dental health at an early age, every three months the clinic offers a prize draw for their patients who are under 10. The Kids 30 Day Brushing Program awards a child who has successfully completed thirty days of brushing with a money bank containing $30 in Loonies.

Vedder Dental Clinic will help you with not only your general dentistry care but everything else as well. From teeth whitening, cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, implants, to oral cancer screening, the clinic will take care of all your dental needs.

The office boasts three hygienists, five CDA’s (Certified Dental Assistants) and three very warm and welcoming receptionists who always greet you with a smile.  The Vedder Dental Clinic is known for its very friendly and family oriented practice and you will be happy to hear that they are accepting new patients. Drop by to meet the staff, check out the facilities, and book an appointment to start you on your way to better dental health in 2015.

Vedder Dental Clinic is located at #3 – 5640 Vedder Road.

To book an appointment call 604- 858-4441


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