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  Patient came in for toothache. Tooth hurts with chewing and biting. Sharp pain when patient bites or chews on one of molar with large metal filling on. “Crack Tooth Syndrom” After remove over 15 year old amalgam-metal- filling, crown was recommended previously, found crack extended from one side of tooth crosses to other side […]

  Having a toothache? Tooth has been sensitive with hot or cold drinks? or found dark spot or hole on your tooth? When was your last dental check-up with x-ray? Cavities need to be checked regularily and treated accordingly. Ignoring dental symptoms can lead bigger problems and bigger treatments. Message from Vedder Dental Clinic, Dentist […]

  Patient visited office with broken lateral incisor, front tooth. Patient also did not like the look of old front crowns and fillings. Options – extract lateral broken tooth and either placing bridge or implant. Broken front tooth replaced with bridge, and waiting for other side done soon. Happy Patient from Vedder Dental Clinic, Dentist […]

  Young Child with Mandibular Prognathism, “Underbite”. Corrected with Early treatment with Ortho Functional Appliance and Braces. Happy Patient and Parents from Vedder Dental Clinic, Chilliwack Dentist.