Having a toothache? Tooth has been sensitive with hot or cold drinks? or found dark spot or hole on your tooth? When was your last dental check-up with x-ray? Cavities need to be checked regularily and treated accordingly. Ignoring dental symptoms can lead bigger problems and bigger treatments. Message from Vedder Dental Clinic, Dentist […]

  Patient visited office with broken lateral incisor, front tooth. Patient also did not like the look of old front crowns and fillings. Options – extract lateral broken tooth and either placing bridge or implant. Broken front tooth replaced with bridge, and waiting for other side done soon. Happy Patient from Vedder Dental Clinic, Dentist […]

  Young Child with Mandibular Prognathism, “Underbite”. Corrected with Early treatment with Ortho Functional Appliance and Braces. Happy Patient and Parents from Vedder Dental Clinic, Chilliwack Dentist.